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Automation excellence requires a tool capable of modeling your entire organization's business processes regardless of its complexity and scale. UiPath Studio, a powerful and user-friendly automation tool, is an important component in the UiPath platform.

UiPath Studio has a rich collection of previously created activities. It can be integrated with various programming languages and provides ease of use, scalability and efficiency.

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Accelerate Your Path to Automation


Create automations with our drag and drop, code-free, studio editor. Leverage our library of hundreds of activities and pre-built automation components. For fast and easy troubleshooting our visual debugger highlights an exact error and displays easy to comprehend messages.


No more manual, error-prone programming of each process step and user action, Studio has specialized recorders that record your actions and build them into an automation workflow. Studio offers four types of recorders: basic, desktop, web, and Citrix.


No need to invent the wheel. Share and reuse ready-made automation components from Studio’s extensible libraries and save on development time and cost. Build reusable components with Studio to collaborate, standardize, and work on automation best practices within your organization and with fellow RPA developers for the most effective results.

Key Features

Visual Editor

Highly intuitive, Visio-like process mapping and automation framework. Simplifies training, greatly accelerating process modeling and automation.

Comprehensive Library

A rich collection of pre-built drag-and-drop templates available to decrease development time. Readymade, quality assured automation components from UiPath Go! to accelerate your development time.


Out-of-the-box automation template that uses all of the best practices we have learned in our implementation experiences, comprising logging, exception handling, application initialization, and others. It’s plug and play. Just add your own business logic and let ReFramework worry about catching exceptions, logging and so on.

Cognitive Enhancements

Embedded cognitive and OCR technologies from ABBYY, Stanford NLP, IBM Watson, Google, Microsoft and any machine learning libraries via Python code activities.

Workflow Recorders

Specialized workflow recorders for desktop apps, web apps, Citrix environment, and terminal emulators. Simplifies training, makes process modeling and automation faster, and more precise.

Universal Search

Unified search and find across all the automation resources like libraries, activities, projects and open workflows contained within a UiPath Studio process. This significantly accelerates the automation and maintenance of the development process.

Custom Workflows

RPA developers can design powerful and complex automations by incorporating custom VB.Net, Python, Auto hotkey, Javascript, Powershell, and JAVA code directly into an automation workflow. Their work can be stored in the Studio library and shared with other team members across current and future projects.


Get the native feel of Studio and conveniently design workflows in your preferred local language. UiPath Studio is now available in Japanese. French, German and Russian to follow soon.

Documenting Rules

Workflow engine visually documents business process rules. Easier and more accurate knowledge transfer and error checking.


Analyze your automated processes using visual, step-by-step process execution, breakpoints and highlighting of target elements. A global exception handler simplifies debugging and catches unexpected errors.

Collaborative Automation

Share, reuse automation components and collaborate with other team members in your organization using the extensible library. Collaborate and standardize process across the organization as Studio is directly integrated with TFS, VSTS and SVN source control systems.

Extensible Architecture

Develop your own reusable custom activity or shareable automation component in your preferred programming language.

Floating Automation

Support for developers using non-dedicated PCs and non-persistent virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environments. You can create and configure Development Floating Robots and connect to them from any defined machine. This combined with Studio licensing from Orchestrator delivers a full floating Studio experience.


Users can select between light and dark themes. The dark theme is an eye-soothing gray and blue, optimized for low light use making the whole UI easier on the eyes.