UiPath Orchestrator

Manage your digital workforce – securely and enterprise-wide

Discover Orchestrator

UiPath Orchestrator is a centralized robot management dashboard where you can easily deploy, secure, and manage your UiPath Robots at scale.

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Flexible Management

You’ll enjoy deployment choice, modern admin experiences, and an open platform.

Deployment Choice

Choose from multiple deployment options. See for yourself in this short video about the UiPath Cloud Platform

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lexible deployment models make it easy to start small, scale fast, and align with your IT standards. Pick the right option for you

Consistent automation

On-premise, Iaas, Paas, SaaS and
hybrid options

Multiple public cloud
provider options

Monitor RPA on the go with
the Orchestrator Mobile App

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- Securely check on your Robots and manage the jobs any time, from anywhere.
- Get alerted in real time about Robot performance and health, and track progress visually.
- See at a glance what your Robots’ current jobs are and which machines they are using.
- Follow Robot schedules in detail and keep license use in check.

Business Insights

Deep visibility into performance, with powerful real-time analytics.

Real-time monitoring

Orchestrator includes a real-time dashboard that visually displays statistics about each Robot deployed, queues, jobs, and any related information across time. This makes it easy for you to monitor automation projects in a single location.

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Advanced analytics

For advanced analysis, we integrated the power of Elasticsearch monitoring technology and highly customizable solutions for data visualization from Kibana and Tableau to offer interactive analytics. 

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Scalable Automation

Robot performance monitoring

Ensures Robots are healthy and performing well and raise instant alerts on issues.

Credential management

Credentials can be stored in Active Directory or encrypted (AES 256) in the server database. Robot login credentials can be secured using a third-party enterprise grade credential store such as CyberArk® Enterprise Password Vault®.

Cloud-ready deployment

High availability and scalability made possible with deployment on Microsoft Azure or Amazon Cloud.

Remote control

Provides control over unattended Robots for remote process deployment, monitoring, and retirement.


Maximizes operational and cost efficiency by providing separate, secure space to all groups implementing and deploying RPA.

Web-based control center

Consolidates and displays key Robot metrics. Provides utilities for Robot management: transaction queues, workload management, scheduling, licensing, deployment, reassignment, and retirement.

Asset management

Assets are reusable resources stored securely and made available to Robots whenever needed.

Release management

Manage the release of process automation updates to Robot groups for execution. Multiple versions of a published process can be kept on the server for rollback purposes.


Manage your global digital workforce on the go with the Orchestrator mobile app.

Monitoring, logging, and audit

All user and Robot actions can be tracked, resulting in quicker and cleaner audit reports.

Integration API

Orchestrator uses a powerful API to integrate with ERP, BPM, or any third-party systems on a REST-based web service.

License management

Review and assign licenses to users. Simple license request and renewal.